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  • Do not be fooled with the misleading advertisements! The village of São Jorge has an excellent infrastructure with inns, restaurants, bars, nightlife and everything else. For anyone who likes hiking trails the best option is to stay in São Jorge, because you will be closer to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park and many other touristic attractions;

  • Before traveling to the Chapada dos Veadeiros it is essential to be vaccinated against yellow fever with at least 10 days in advance;

  • The dry season is from May to September when the rivers are less crowded and the air is very dry. During this period there is no risk of sudden water;

  • During the rainy season from October to April the landscape is more green and rivers are larger. Some waterfalls as the abyss only appear on this season;

  • Forget credit cards and debit cards, because they are just accepted at St. George in very few establishments as the market. It is best to take cash;

  • It is worthwhile to see the sunset at the sight of the star next to a cell phone tower at the entrance of the track to the abyss waterfall;

  • In the village of Sâo Jorge there is just a pharmacy with few common medicines. If you need medicine, take it with you;

  • There are natural thermal water pools of  in the region. It's cool to go to these places at night, or if it rains;

  • During the months of May / April and September / October, is when the vegetation explodes in impressive flowers;

  • If you go by car, fill up the gas before arriving in São Jorge. The nearest service stations are more than 30 km. way in Alto Paraíso or Colinas do Sul;

  • The road that connects the São Jorge to Alto Paraíso is 36 km long being 23 km asphalted and 13 km dirt. It is not good to exaggerate on the speed because the loose gravel cause many accidents;

  • In the region, a fruit called pequi is widely used in regional food. Don't byte it, or you will stay with the tongue full of thorns. But it is worth a try for it's exotic flavor, just ask for information on how to eat it before you do it;

  • Everyone who gows to chapada must stop by Mr Valdomiro's ranch. He is a great guy who lives at the foot of the Whale hill, on the road between Alto Paraiso and São Jorge. In addition to telling many stories of Chapada, he sells jams, beverages such as brandy and liqueurs with fruit and plants from the region and other typical foods. All homemade and prepared at the place. He is one of the folkloric figure of the place;

  • Some attractions as the National Park require that the visitors are accompanied by a guide (R$ 60.00 a day - 1 guide per group of up to 10 people);

  • Even for the attractions that do not require guide is always a good hire one because there are many junctions on trails.

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