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History of the Village of São Jorge

In the heart of the altitude cerrado, guarding one of the oldest formations on the planet and the entry of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, is the location of the District of São Jorge(St. George) the village started around 1912 by miners in search of quartz crystal, The abundance of the mineral attracted prospectors from several places, mainly from Bahia, who were coming to the region thus forming a large camp called "Big Mine Camp", the high price of crystal driven by war, increased the population  considerably, the settlement was first called the Lower Veadeiros and then St. George's. The region by then had more than 3000 men working in the extraction of crystal, which by luck, happened by manual craft, which reduced the environmental impact, contributing to the conservation of this important region.
With the end of the war and the invention of synthetic crystal, the price of quartz crystal droped generating a crisis in quartz mining. At that time the region is beginning to be discovered by its incredible natural beauty, and started a new economic activity, tourism. With the implementation in 1961 by IBAMA, of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, this activity is proposed to the village as the main source of income. The villagers embraced the idea and begun to adapt to the new reality. It was not difficult considering the hospitable spirit of the local population but encountering difficulties in the disaffection of the competent authorities to invest in the area. Tourism was held disorderly until the early 80s when the IBAMA started revitalizing the park, began activities in environmental education and guidance of the local population to receive public visitation. In 2001 the National Park won the title of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
Today The Village has a good tourism infrastructure, its has a population around 600 inhabitants, concentrating its activities to receive visitors from all over Brazil and abroad. Among the infrastructure offered there are flats, camppings, restaurants, pizzerias and so on. São Jorge is famous for its nightlife, the various options provide satisfaction to all tastes. The visitation happens all year, which comes to an apex in the month of July (high season).


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