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The São Miguel River Valley

The São Miguel River is a transparent water river that in a work of
thousand of years sculptured the rocks of its course, originating
incredible formations that surprise all it's visitors.

Vale da Lua (Moon Valley)

The Monn Valley is undoubtedly has the most impressive formation of the São Miguel River. The rounded shape rocks of coloration that resemble the moon originated the name of place.

Distance from São Jorge: 3000m by walk, or 9 km by car + 400m walk

Valle das Pedras

Nice place with easy access and good structure to receive the visitors.

Distance from São Jorge: 2.500m by walk or 5 km by car.

Rio da Lua

Excellent infrastructure, undoubtedly the most refined and sophisticated services of São Miguel riverside. In addition to the same Pizza menu from Pizzaria Lua de São Jorge, the area has snooker table, volley, a beautiful lawn with mats, mattresses, pillows and Puffs. Easy Access can be reached by car to the location without the need to track.

Distance from São Jorge: 2.500m by walk or 5 km by car.


The Raizama is an ecological sanctuary, where the stream Raizama ends in São Miguel river forming a beautiful waterfall of almost 50 meters high, you still find natural hydromassages pools, canyons, crystal pools and a stunning visual.
Besides the natural wonders Raizama offers the culture and leisure. It is the stage of one of the most important artistic projects in the region. Come check!

Distance from São Jorge: 3.000m by track or  3.000m by car + 800m walk.

Morada do Sol


Following the course of the São Miguel river one moreplace with impressive formation of stones with beautiful natural pools.

Distance from São Jorge: 5.500m de São Jorge por tilhaby track or  5.000m  by car + 500m walk.

Encontro das Águas

Place where the São Miguel river meets with Tocantinzinho river, forming a beautiful landscape. The attraction offers homemade food in the wood stove.

Distance from São Jorge: 20km by car + 500m walk.

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